Elementary school tutoring

Does your child having some difficulty in his/her school and see the need for some help after regular hours? Well, you are on the right page. You may need refresher lessons or remedial, homework help or preparing for school examinations, we are here to help you achieve your academic goals.


We, at Tutoring Services LLC in New Haven CT, is composed of qualified tutors who are committed to provide the best tutorial services to students who need them. Our tutorial program was designed to help the students in three major areas of learning: coach them to learn planning and organizing their tasks, manage their time, and develop good and effective study habits. We aim for the children to do well in school as well in life. Our friendly competent tutors will make sure that your children will learn through fun yet effective methods of learning.


What do we commit to do?


We commit to provide dynamic personalized elementary tutoring. Our competent tutors are trained to use unique learning methods that match the children’s academic needs and goals. The tutor assigned to your child aims at building your child’s strengths and maximizes his/her potential to learn.


We commit to give your child an opportunity to communicate his weaknesses in school and find better solution with our tutors. Our tutorial program is interactive and we provide the gaps in the school. We help you children to express him/her self and coach them to find the right answers to the problems assigned in school. By doing so, they will be able to increase their knowledge, enhance their self-confidence, thus, improve their performance in school.


We commit to coach your children to focus. Our tutors shall see to it that children assigned train them to commit their additional time every week to perform some tasks such as schoolwork with learning methods that is simple, comprehensible, and fun to these children.


We commit to help your children to develop better study habits and skills. They will be led into discovering their potentials and their abilities. This aims to teach them see and value learning in a different and positive way.


We commit to a kind of tutoring where we provide opportunities to advance in their knowledge and competencies. Our tutors shall see to it that they understand and appreciate their lessons and learning materials, not just working on it.


Basically, this is our commitment to your children: help them realize their potential to learn, coach them into producing great results in their school work and homework, and make them appreciate and enjoy learning as their tool to succeed in any endeavor.


For details and other inquiries, you can contact us and let us discuss how we can better help your children increase their learning efficiency with fun!