Teacher Certification

Teaching is always considered as one of the most secured careers and even if salary and wages differ from one state to another, teaching positions are inclined to be stable during global hard times. Aside from regular school year, teaching opportunities are high even during summer time including tutor positions.


Teaching does not promise a “bed of roses” career as it involves challenges and problems but it gives additional benefits such as job security are positive rewards. These benefits, salary and wages and bonuses for certified teachers will depend on each state.


To receiver better teaching job opportunities, potentials need to obtain teaching license and teacher certification. Requirements to get certification will differ for every state. If you are interested to pursue teaching career, you need to know the requirements in the state where you belong as well as national requirements to get the education program and certification and license to teach. Your teaching career will be secured once you have a teaching certification. You will receive better opportunities and better wages and benefits.


However, if you are interested to become a personalized and online tutor, you may not need to have teacher’s certification and education degree. Those with education degree with certification will be preferred by parents and clients. A few years of tutoring experience is needed to become tutors.


If you are interested to become a tutor in New Haven CT, you will need to have adequate knowledge, training and experience, and if possible, a certificate that qualifies you to teach or tutor certain subjects. This certificate may not be a requirement to certain clients but it will give you better reputation and earnings.


Pre-Professional Skills Test or PPST is a basic skills test which aims at evaluating one’s proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics which is given to 40 states.


For subject area competence, there are the Praxis II for specialty area and the American Council on the Teaching of foreign Languages or ACTFL for proficiency evaluation. Every state has its own requirements for teachers and tutors including necessary teacher certifications basing on the age cluster and the subject area you are interested to handle. Learn details of these requirements and certifications by asking from the Department of Education of New Haven CT.


Parents, students, and clients will trust you as tutors for their children if you are qualified as shown by your credentials.