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30 minutes before time limit, you look at the number of items which you still have to complete and you know you will never be able to answer all of it if you still have to read through all the questions carefully. You begin to feel anxious, you start to wipe beads of sweat from your forehead as you think of what failing this exam would mean to you. You imagine the torturing moments of various conversations and discussions with your dad and mom and the shame of knowing you missed one good opportunity to show the world what you are capable of doing, the opportunity that could impact your future -- the one exam that would sum up your years of hard work.

10 minutes before you submit your paper, you realize you barely moved one sheet within the past 20 minutes. You know you could have answered those questions. Everything seems to be too familiar. Too bad, even all the choices seemed too familiar as well that all of them seemed to be the right answer. You recalled reading those phrases somewhere but you can’t recall the right answer because it doesn’t seem to be good enough to be included in the exam. If only you could have focused on those items, if only you took one more time to read it again. (Bell Rings)

You open your eyes, see the books around you and you scream in pure happiness. It was just a dream. You still have time to make it right and you know exactly where to find it. Your friends have been bugging you about buying a study guide and you know this is the exact moment that you need it. Buying it would be an investment; you know that, as you have been given a privilege to see exactly what would happen without getting the help you need at this point in time.

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