School Ratings

School ratings are a national concern because they reflect the educational and curriculum system against the actual performance of the students. These ratings scales function as a general system where assessments can be designed for anything that can be changed a rating. Higher ratings will mean that there is a positive delivery and acceptance of the curriculum and lower ratings may mean that there is a drawback on the ability of the students to receive adequate knowledge and skills. Rating scales are simple but some people ignore to read the criteria which may lead to mis-conception of any rating scale achieved.


The No Child Left behind Act of 2008, also tagged as NCLB, is an Act of the US Congress that authorizes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. NCLB is an offshoot to a standard-based education that is base on the principle that establishing high standards against measurable academic goals to improve and enhance the results of every student. NCLB does not aim as a national achievement standard assessment but the standards are given by each state.


The National Assessment of Educational Progress or NAEP is a national assessment of the knowledge and skills the American students with the core subjects. This NAEP is a mandated project of the Congress and administered by the National Center of Education Statistics or NCES in the Institute of Education Sciences or IES of US Department of Education. The NAEP results are formulated to give us information or data about the achievement of the students with different subjects and results are released as the Nation’s Report Card. NAEP results target demographic clusters such as gender, socioeconomic condition, and race or ethnicity groups. The subjects involve in the assessments are mathematics, science, reading and writing which other subjects are evaluated periodically such as geography, civic, economics, US history, and the arts. The results that come from the students, teachers, and schools provide information and factors that are related to the learning of the students, thus, they become instruments to improve the education in USA.


The Ohio Achievement Assessment or OAA is based on the standards of the State of Ohio which determine the knowledge and skills that should be learned within every year. It aims to score at or beyond the proficient level of the test.


What is the importance of these assessments and ratings in New Haven CT to tutorial services?


Tutorial Services LLC base their program for the students on these in collaboration with the school’s curriculum to achieve the educational goals set by the government. Through our competent and qualified tutors who are committed to help students improve learning efficiency and reinforce the learning from the classroom instruction to obtain higher proficiency ratings. Schools that receive higher proficiency ratings from these standardized exams. Higher school ratings from these standardized assessment exams will give parents and the community trust in the educational system.


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