IT Cyber Security Online Training

Residing in New Haven CT?  Have you consider career in Information Security?


Have you ever considered getting trained by information security professional in Network Security or other related IT security fields?  Our company Tutoring Services, LLC provides unique training opportunities for New Haven CT area and near by areas students, based on consulting model.

We have qualified Information Security experts who can train you directly 1 on 1.  Whether you are an employee working for a company and company agreed to pay for your 1 on 1 training or student who simply wants to learn concepts of Network and Cyber information Security and get ahead in the information security career. Whatever the case maybe we offer IT Cyber Security training that can get you knowledgible across major areas of information security, cloud, SDN, IoT, coding and beyond!

Tutoring Services in Cyber Security in neighboring Fairfield County  CT


We also help students in Fairfield County prepare for IT Cyber Security Career.

We also help students in other areas of CT or online.

Our primary focused area is New Haven area, simply because this area has a lot of students and a lot of colleges and universities.  It's easier for us to recruit tutors and consultants from this area than any other areas, and therefore makes it easier for us to convert students into actual IT consultants or tutors or both.  For more info about IT Network Consulting business and how  we are able to attract companies to buy our services,visit our DBA Binary Fusion company, which is basically the same company Tutoring Services, LLC but operating IT consulting division. 

The fact that we are both IT consulting company specializing in the sector of Information Technology, Network Security, IoT, Coding and SDN, makes it much easier for us to not only obtain clients from small and medium and even enterprise businesses, but also makes it easier for us to get students, and also makes it easier for us to train students in the form of 1 on 1 tutoring lessons directly delivered to student face to face or online. 

How it works?

Our tutor comes directly to your home and teaches you IT Cyber Security concepts, or you get training online through 1 on 1 tutoring lesson. Our IT instructors are either agency managed tutors or non agency managed tutors.  We have multiple types, non agency ones are the ones that you can hire and have no middle man in between, meaning you get affordable tutor and only pay $15 for first lesson, which is fairly sweet deal.  However, because non agency tutors are hard to come by or hard to find in some cases for such specific area of expertise as Cyber Security many students often hire agency managed tutors in such cases or in cases where they want more customized based match that is tailored towards particular student needs.  

How does it work for college graduate students or students who are about to graduate

For example, suppose you are a student attending school in New Haven.  Let's say you are a graduate college student, and who is about to graduate with Bachelors in Computer Science or Math or other related degree, but you are lost... and need help... help from not just someone who will sell you a class, and won't tell you the reason why you need it, but someone who will sell you tutoring lessons based on high quality 1 on 1 informal type of lessons based structure.   Why?  Reason is simple, when you instead go into class type of training... lessons are structural... that are based on specific class curriculum structure and typically in 99% of the cases you simply do not get individualized type of attention, that you should truly deserve to learn more about Cyber Security.. 

However by hiring our tutors you get that individualized attention.  Tutoring lessons are informal in respect to structure, however they do follow particular subject area of expertise.   For examle if you want to learn about Information Security, then we can get you a tutor who for example has Cyber Security experience or for example CISSP certified or Cisco Certified and can help you prepare for CISSP, Cisco, Cloud, SDN, IoT, based on specific tracks which you chose. 

Informal Tutoring Lessons inter-combined with semi-formal based training

Students have an option either they go thorugh our semi-formal based training from our agency managed tutors, where there you pick a track and follow that track for your core area expertise, and take lessons from a tutor based on tutoring discount packages that such tutor offers in their profile.  You simply pick which core area of experitse you want to learn and we help you get ahead in your learning by match making you with the appropriate tutor who can help you within your particular core area of expertise.  Additionally we recommend students to take IT Generalist track in addition to Core Area where you get your brain infused from multiple angles of IT generalistic concepts across multiple areas of expertise, ranging from Project Management, Cloud, IoT, Business Analysis, Marketing, Coding, Network Consulting, SDN, Information security. To learn more about core areas that we offer and to learn more about our tutoring services visit our google plus page.

To learn more about our IT Network Security Training visit

This is where we explain more information about our IT consulting training services, and why our tutors are different.

Internship Opportunities for students who going through our program and Job Assistance

Many students asked us, do I get internship opportunity by taking lessons through your informal flexible based training with semi-formal based training inter-combined in mind?   The answer is we help you with basic job assistance and if you are interested in advanced job assistanced we can provide you with that service as well, for a fee.    For more info about internship opportunities visit our google plus page.

Look not everyone wants to hash out lots of money for personal 1 on 1 tutor regardless if it's informal tutor with semi-formal training in mind.  We understand, that, we also understand that not everyone wants experience and break chicken and the egg conundrum of having no experience, and not getting a job and having no job and not getting experience.   We realize that this is the conundrum you must cross, if you do not then it will be tough for you to get into the field.  This is precisely why you want to hire our tutors, because they can guide you and help you cross that barrier easier.  Plus we can actually make you a consultant from the very roots of your own studies.  Meaning chosen few students who take our training get to have an opportunity for an internship, helping you get experience that can help you cross chicken and the egg conundrum. Therefore we are better then just someone out there who simply offers training, simply because taking our training can help you break that chicken and the egg conundrum. 


Why getting Training from Tutoring Sevices, LLC is a great idea

Other companies respect DBA Binary Fusion and having experience with DBA Binary Fusion in IT information security related field is a heck of a lot better than not having any experience at all.  We do not give that experience to anyone randomly, we carefully chose our students just like we carefully chose our tutors. 

Think of Tutoring Services, LLC like a firewall that looks at each student or tutor or consultant who wants to get help and analyzes that person to see if that person qualifies or not to be part of our network, regardless if you are student or a tutor or a future consultant.  You see Cyber Security field is so competitive, that it's very easy for us to pick and chose who we want to work with and who we do not want to work with.  Therefore when making your decision about your Cyber Security Career think carefully for whom you chose to study from because that choice can effect the rest of your Information Technology Career. 


How are we different from other Training Centers?

In comparison to random Training Centers, who also claim that they partner up with other companies, we are in fact the actual Information Technology company and not just a training center.  In fact we do not follow the model of traing center at all!   We believe that individualized attention is the highest quality type of education and not class based.  We may follow training model concept where we do offer classes to multiple students as well in the future, however as it stand rights now we do not follow that model.  Which means you get high quality 1 on 1 tutor who can tutor you in Cyber Security field, and get you on the right tracks of Information Technology career.

What if i dont' want informal 1 on 1 tutoring lesson and want a formal local or online class instead?

However if you are looking for formal class training only.... with other students and can spend a lot of money on 1 on 1 tutor, then don't hesitate to contact us anyway by sending us email, we can provide you other alternatives.  This is a great thing about our company we are not just greedy corporation that grabs every student, we also help our training partners who do provide formal high quality lessons and channel students to them.  Therefore if you are a student and want to get recommendation from us who to pick don't hesitate to contact us by responding from the chat icon below at the bottom right. 

Need test preparation or Cyber Security Career track advice?

Just because we don't offer currently In New Haven area formal local or online classes, does not mean we can not recommend you alternative that is suitable for you, for your particular student need, every body's needs are different depending on which career path you chose, we provide not only tutors, suggestions for which classes you pick for formal Cyber Security Training and informal type of trainig but also suggest and recommend self guided materials, test preparation advice, reviews, recommendation, study tactics, career advice and much more!  You can check our Cyber Security section of site, powered by Tutoring Services, LLC that fuels your brain in the right direction when it comes to picking your Cyber Security Career. 

So which Information Technology path will you pick?

Remember you can either go to coding, SDN, Cyber Security, IoT, Network Consulting, IT Generalist, data scientist, there is way to many paths!  Yet no industry who tells you exactly what jobs to pick and where to go and how to get there!  Why?  Simply becase no one bothers inter-connecting multiple industries together and multiple concepts as much as Tutoring Services, LLC does, company that was built by a certified math teacher for the state of CT, network consultant, educational advocate, information security aspirant and professional!

Just remember class based training is lower quality by far in comparsion to 1 on 1 training, where you can ask tutor questions, and only a tutor but an actual consultant who can either both tutor and consultant or a tutor!


I am smart I don't need help why do I need this Cyber Security Training?

You see you may say I am already smart, and I am ready to get opportunities through my college.... This can very well be your option, but students who go through us, get super charged in the sector of Information Security, Networking, Cloud, SDN and you can do that in addition to college.  Plus it's simply makes sense if you planning on making extra income in the future and need our help and want to be part of our edu network.  Simply because we not only train our students but also recruit them as tutors after they finish our program, we do not provide that opportunity to everyone!   Therefore we prefer students who are smart, students who are smart not just in Information Technology, but in math...


Reason why you need our help is because you can make part time income teach Cyber Security and Math and also maximize your chances of landing IT related career job!

In fact this is our site  is also our site we specialize in educational marketing as well and help tutors get marketed locally in the are of Hartford, New Haven, Fairfield, Westchester and Bergen county, therefore being part of our network as a student and learning about something that you like to learn about which is Cyber Security and advancing your self further up in the ranks of your profession, and being able to also make part time income on part time basis tutoring others and providing consulting services on part time basis is a heck of a lot better deal then anyone else can offer. 

Does everyone gets opportunity to make part time income In New Haven CT area?

Note, as mentioned earlier not everyone gets that opportunity, meaning even if you go through our program if you are not the right type of student for us, you simply don't get that opportunity.  We do not guarrantee you any opportunities, we help you get them, any  one who guarantees you anything... is most likely a scam or non legit type of organization. 

You may say, of course, well let me get this straight.... your company provides tutoring services in math... and Cyber Security... and offering students method to get onto their network so this way students who learn Cyber Security can also be a tutor and make money localy teaching other students on part time basis? 

The answer is Yes and in addition to that gain internship experience maximizing your chances of actually landing Information Security related job, by getting test preparation help from the tutor that you hire in specific test, by getting your resume super-charged with the name DBA Binary Fusion in your resume showing that you worked with us, super charging your chances of landing a job and breaking chicken and the egg conundrum and following the path that we show you  how to break into information technology industry and later on into Information Security field.

So wait, help me understand this correctly, i understand all that, but you also mentioned that you can even offer opportunities for students by recruiting them as tutors either agency managed or non agency managed tutors in the area of New Haven CT and near by counties.  Does that mean if i finish training program i can actually become agency managed tutor and teach other students math and Cyber Security? 

The answer is it depends, depends on how well we trust you, to see what our trust mechanism is view our cyber security page here and our trusted tutor section here.  Providing that you qualify to be our student and our agency managed tutor we will pick you.  Note we look at multiple criteria, such as... do you know math... yes or no.... why math?  Because we market math... and this is our core area of expertise, and a lot of students struggle in math therefore there is a math shortage, and we want to fullfill that shortage, which means we need smart students like you who will also teach math in addition to Cyber Security as agency managed tutors or non agency managed tutors.


Wait i am so confused, I am just here for Cyber Security Training but i am seeing intercombination of reaons for me to pick Tutoring Services, LLC as my training provider for many other beneficial reasons that i like.

Yes what you see here is basically intercombination of well networked concepts.  Notice how we intercombine, math, cyber security and you and future you in a way that not only helps you maximize your chances of landing job in the future as Cyber Security professional, but also helps you make money on part time basis as either tutor, consultant or both!  Something that you just do not see every day!   Yep what you see here is a prime example of networking. 

Networking that you can become proficient in, and no not just information technology networking but in networking with your mind.  We teach you all that, in fact this is exactly how we get students to find you using networking!   So in case if you are wondering how can Tutoring Services, LLC help future you?  The answer is simply by recruiting you as a tutor from the roots of your studies, then carrying over that momentum into local tutoring opportunities for you or online tutoring opportunities.

However what we discovered is that local tutors are not exactly the same as online and have different needs, which is why we have different opportunities for local and online tutors.  Also we have discovered, that students do not care much about any opportunities other than studying for Cyber Security career.  Which is also great news because, neither does our company care.  We simply do business and that business is providing tutoring services and brokering students together, so if one student does not care, the other one will and the other one who does care will end up getting that opportunity and not you simple as that.


Wait how can Tutoring Services, LLC help local students who want to be future Local New Haven County tutors?

Simple we place as agency managed tutor in the subjec of Cyber Security, this is how you can see one example of a tutor showing in the field of Cyber Security in specific test... For example, let's say you are a student and preparing for future CISSP exam... and you also happen to be Savvy in Math and happen to be very interested in teaching localy students in New Haven area in Cyber Security... well guess what then you would be placed as an agency managed tutor here.

except it will show New Haven instead of Fairfield.   Now you may say wow what is another example?  Check this out here is another example of let's say if you are studying for CISSP exam passed it and can now tutor CISSP, then boom you would be shown like this.

Here is another example

Notice how we intercombine study guides and tutors together?  You see our methods of marketing are simple we crush the competitor markets in Cyber Security or any subject that we tune our network into.   You may say well this is not New Haven area, yes but it doesn't matter it's just an example, we can show our tutors in New Haven area on this site.. 

You see we use concepts of networking to intercombine tutors, study guides, training centers, schools, used books, study guides,  anything educational related in the way that helps students find us.  It may be extremely not clear to you and you maybe confused, but what we are trying to tell you is.... we can market people and being part of our network makes sense.  Oh in case if you want to see how we market and how we actually build these educational networks, feel free to check out blog section of google plus page.


Anyway our goal here is not to convince you to become our student

Our goal is to convince you to start preparing for Cyber Security field so this way you can learn how to protect America from cyber crime and be an IT hero.  Let  us help you get there, from zero to an IT hero!

Also one more thing, in case if you happen to be some sport guru, or breakdancer.... and want to teach breakdancing, don't hesitate to visit our new haven breakdancing section.  We also advise our students to have 2 types of hobbies in life, 1 hobby is the hobby that helps you make money on part time basis, and another hobby is the hobby that keeps you in shape and healthy physically.  Check out breakdancing section of the site to hire a breakdancing tutor in New Haven area or Fairfield county CT.   Don't just get stuck doing something for career go beyond that do something fun. Physical activity and brain intensive hobby can help you stay healthy and has direct impact on your intelligence.


Self Guided Cyber Security Online Training Opportunities


Trying to prepare for CISSP certification? find out how. Our company Tutoring Services, LLC makes it easier for students to study by recommending them all sorts of academic advice and test preparation help.  As strange as it may sound, there is simply no company out there who provides such great inter-combinations of different services, ranging from, study tips, test preparation advice, career advice, study paths journey recommendations.  Recommendations of learning methods, and make content enjoyable to read get motivated and discover affordable and high quality learning options for information security professionals.

CISSP Online Training


To become a network expert and IT consulting network security and Cyber Security guru, there are certain tests that you must take and pass.  One such test is called CISSP, you can learn more about this test by visiting this link

What if i am a student and want to buy dirt cheap Cyber Security books and help world stay GREEN?

If you want to buy books direct from other college students In New Haven colleges or schools go here buy, or sell books directly to each other, no middle man fees.  Or buy or rent cheapest Cyber Security books online. 

Where can I find non agency managed Information Technology Cyber Security tutors?

You can find many online or local tutors here where you pay $15 for first lesson then work direct, skip middle man agency recurring fees! Sweet Deal... this means dirt cheap price, avoid useless companies who charge insange angecy recurring fees without providing value.  If company does not provide value with their tutors then there is no reason for you to pay high agency recurring fee!  However if the company does provide high quality value then it makes sense for you to pay agency recurring fee (else... you may end up getting flagged by entire industry, which definitely would not be good for your future you in case you are wondering how visit our other site here

The reason why we created non agency managed site is to help education stay affordable, not every student can afford an agency managed tutor, many companies out there there created business models that simply not compatible with student needs!  Meaning many tutoring companies forces you to pay agency recurring fee, yet the value they provide is not equivalent to their costs that they are charging you!  This is rediculous! 


Our Educational Mission and our goals

Our company is gradually putting an end to this dark secret of educational industry and reversing the trend of low quality and high education prices, to either affordable education where fees are not that high!  Or high quality education with high fees.  Anyone who goes against model will have to fight the truth, the truth that is powered by Tutoring Services, LLC to bring equality and justice in American education system.  Tutoring Services, LLC is all about America and America comes first.  

Every decision that we make is based on American families based on future education.  We will fight with every breath in our body to never let you future America down.  We will bring our jobs back, we will bring back our borders, we will bring back our wealth and we will bring back our dreams! 

We will help America get trained in Cyber Secuirty and help our American country stay protected.  We will follow 2 simple rules, buy American and hire American and that is what we are trying to do here with our network of websites locally in CT NY and NJ.   (with minor exceptions where if American is not present for specific field or there is a huge shortage we would provide minor opportunities for international type of tutors or students) 

The time of empty talk is over, now times the hour of action. Do not allow any one that it can not be done, no student should fall behind, no student should be struggling to find money to fund education. Take the pledge help America stay Green buy buying books direct from each other and saving trees, Stay Safe from Cyber crime by getting educated in the field of Cyber Security which will explode in demand in the near future.

I am a local tutoring company in New Haven, how can Tutoring Services, LLC help me?


We can help you get marketed, so other students aware of your tutoring services.  We offer special prices for New Haven area companies, split across premium basic, advanced and super types of marketing memberships, you can buy our memeberships and pay yearly fee that is well suitable for your company.  We have affiliate based pricing structure and non-affiliate based structure, in your case if you happen to be residing in New Haven or near New Haven it makes sense for you to become affiliate partner, pricing to becomeone would be shared with you if you contact us.

You can also learn about our advanced marketing weapons and how we sell them to online tutoring and test prep companies, by following American guide lines of making sure that we don't over do it with our packages in such a way that American jobs end up getting shifted away.   Our company is powerful in marketing, when we recognize that power we must learn to control it, same should go for any other company.  Enough with off shoring jobs!   It's not acceptible to American economy and American people.  If you happen to be in UK or Canada or any other location around the world and want to hire our tutors in America don't hesitate to contact Tutoring Services, LLC directly same goes for any other country .

Our agency tutors will not be cheap, but in some cases cheaper than in your country.  Our non agency tutors are affordable, but if you decide to hire non agency tutor be ready to pay $15 to get your first lesson then work direct!  In either case we are supporting in both cases American way of importing jobs back to America.  Of course we also provide international companies opportunities, in marketing, but we limit them and make them pay money for our educational marketing services.  

We follow similar concepts as auto industry, if you chose to make cars outside of America and stimulate non-american economy then you get slapped with taxes. In our case we penallize international companies with prices, by making bigger prices for them if they want to use our advanced marketing weapons.  We are not about to give advantage to international companies to get all the students and let education  slip away, in some cases we will, (which would convert back into american economy in one form or another, but within limits!)

I am a local tutoring or learning center or training center offering Cyber Security or related training but I really do not want to pay Tutoring Services, LLC for any advanced marketing weapons.  Can Tutoring Services, LLC help me get marketed somehow? Yes Advanced Marketing Weapons that we offer in the form of marketing solutions can help you get higher chances of being exposed to students.  However if you simply have no money to do any of that, then at least buy our study guide that can show you how to market your local tutoring business, after reading this study guide decide if you want to purchase our services.  For more info visit


I am a local IT consulting company in New Haven how can Tutoring Services, LLC help?


Contact us from NetworkConsultant.NET page we can form partnership and help you get clients, in your area or specificaly in tri-state area in information security.