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Looking to prepare for Biology academic subject? Then you came to the right place. Our company specializes in match making students with High School, Middle School and College Level instructors, and subject matter experts. Whether you are a college student or a public school pupil or an educator trying to pass your biology test to become certified teacher, our Academic Biology Science experts are available to tutor a variety of college and middle/high school courses, including Introduction to Biology, I, II AP General and others.


Our academic test prep teachers prepare students in other academic sciences such as organic chemistry, AP and Honors chemistry, physics life science courses and any other courses your school may offer. We offer tutoring services in nearby counties such as Fairfield, Litchfield, Middlesex, Hartford as well as surrounding cities of Woodbridge, Wallingford, Cheshire, Hamden, New East and West Haven , Milford, Stratford and other nearby cities.


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With the help of a local biology subject matter expert, you can become a better student in your biology class. Biology private home tutors help their clients learn tough scientific terminology through mnemonic devices, outline chapters to find key ideas, complete their homework, finish biology projects, review labs, and prepare for tests and quizzes. We help you find reliable science teacher or subject matter expert, and not worry about not being able to understand your biology homework assignment or follow a tough lecture or be scared for your midterm or final exams.. After all, our perfectly match made academic home tutor will be able to review daily work with you and help you understand assigned material, all at the comfort of your own home.


Prepare for your Marine Biology college class with affordable Biology Textbook! Purchase books directly in CT school!

We realize education is expensive, and do everything in our power to make education as affordable as possible. Which is why Tutoring Services, LLC is going GREEN. Helping students reuse their old textbooks and help other students save money on college biology textbooks! We created a site called UsedCollegeBooks.NET that allows students in New Haven CT or other cities to simply sell their textbook directly to other students on campus! No middle man involved, no expensive shipping fees, no longer having to wait in line in college bookstore to sell your biology textbook! All it takes is for you to upload the book description and simply meet with the buyer once he finds your book directly on campus! Alternatively students can buy and rent Biology Science books online from cheapest bookstores!


Why spend money on expensive science books when you can simply search for one and see which one is the cheapest and buy that cheapest book for less than at the college bookstores. Students can also find out how much their biology textbook is worth and sell it back online!


Attention Educators attempting to get certified as Biology Teachers in the state of CT!

Our company specializes in teacher test prep for all the educators who are in the process of completing their master’s degree in college or university and looking to get help in passing their Praxis 2 Teaching Certification Biology exam. We have study guide material which we created for secondary grade level school educators, looking for tips, tricks and practice questions in passing their Biology Exam. You can view all of our Biology study guides conveniently listed for you in the bottom of this page, along with the tutors in biology in nearby areas of New Haven and other CT cities.


We also have other biology study guides for other teaching certification exams. When preparing for your teaching certification exam, we encourage teachers to go through as many study guides as possible, before taking their exam. Failing exam is never a good feeling, therefore why not prepare with the maximum number of resources? You can even help other educators help you with your teaching certification exam prep. We have local and online tutors to help you with your Biology Praxis 2 exam. Make sure that the exam code you are preparing for is the right one.


Biology Teaching Jobs for Educators near New Haven County

Note if you are a biology teacher or professor, then you are more than welcome to apply with us simply send an email to Tutoring Services, LLC This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we are hiring content developers in biology and other science subjects, for creation of study guides. We are hiring also local and online subject matter experts in Biology. By working as independent contractor for Tutoring Services, LLC our tutors get advantage of being advertised on our social media sites and our network of nearby local sites. We also advertise tutors on subject sites such as site and other county local sites. We also advertise our services in New Haven Area of CT through printed media directly in front of students and parents. As a registered independent contractor you can upload your profile pic or video, name your own price by academic subject and grade level, declare your own discount packages, offer trial session, and create widgets, practice questions with tutorials demonstrating your teaching effectiveness in Biology subject.


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Our company specializes in helping school administrators and science department heads with finding qualified candidates for their school. We help school administrators with teaching job recruitment, by posting their job description on our network of local tutoring sites in the form of RSS feds, where other teachers visit and best of all we do it for FREE! Send us email to help you post your teaching job ad! Alternatively we help school administrators advertise their schools! Want to improve student admission? Want to see whenever your school is rated? Want to post jobs near your school area? Want to target teachers in nearby areas? Then we have the platform just for that! Introducing RateMySchool.NET the site that allows students and parents rate schools, colleges, universities and training centers as well as professors and teachers! If you are school administrator and interested in improving your school’s exposure then we invite you to register on RateMySchool.NET!