High School Tutoring

Test Prep and Academic Help for New Haven County area students.

Through the highly improving and intensified educational system of today, a cut-throat competitive environment is presented to our children in classes. There is that need and driving force to excel in one’s own school. As a responsible parent, we are aware of the needs of our children including on his or her educational deficits. Times like this, we are conscious that we need to be also financially responsible with other expenses and we identify whether such expenses are worth the cost. Nonetheless, there is no need to worry with such factors, our high school tutoring in New Haven is the answer to your prayers.

Math and Science and English Test Prep local and online tutoring

Every child is regarded as unique with different special educational needs. Here at our high school tutoring New Haven, CT, we provide quality individualized assistance to your child at a very competitive price. A child with pending difficulty with English subjects is given an English tutor with a specialization on that subject matter, so on and so forth. If undivided attention is needed by your child, a one-on-one private tutoring is best recommended. A child needing less supervision can belong to a group session. In our high school tutoring in New Haven, CT, we promote an individualized approach when it comes to the mode of payment, budget and needs of each client. Our high school tutors also are efficient in preparing your child in entrance exams in various colleges by providing prep exams as well as providing homework help and study guides. Through this, overall increase in the school ratings in New Haven, CT is assured.

As the words said by Joyce A. Myers, “Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges”. Our high school tutors in New Haven, CT are indeed dedicated and has a heart to impart their knowledge to your children despite the challenges that they will be facing.

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Whether you are preparing for Math, Science or English, subjects, mid-term or final, our tutors can help your son or daughter prepare for the test or help your son or daughter with home work.  Find out how you can secure your tutor today.  Get your self  tutoring discount package and save money.  The more hours you buy the more money you save simple as is!

In addition tutors who can teach high school level students we also provide self guided options in variety types of tests

Tests for private high school entrance exam such as SSAT, ISEE

Test Prep for high school students trying to enter college such as ACT or SAT

Test prep for high school students who are preparing for military exams such as ASVAB

Study Materials for 9-12 grade level students who are thinking beyond next steps and interested in saving money on college expense by skipping many non needed classes and doing well on tests like ACCUPLACER

Study Help for Accounting students (future accounts) for exam such as CPA

Study Materials for High School students who are trying to become Project Managers in the future 

Study Materials and Test Prep for Cyber Security related career, for students who want to be IT heroes of the future.

Study Materials and Help for 9-12 Grade Level students who are already thinking about law school 

We even have tutors for non-academic subjects such as Breakdancing, or Music, or Piano.

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A responsible parent recognizes his or her child’s educational difficulties. Contact us at (203)340-0391 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact from the chat window below. A detailed discussion on your needs will be addressed in further details.