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If you are studying for any of the CPA exam sections and having difficulty preparing for your test, then you are in luck, Tutoring Services, LLC helps CT New Haven County students residing in the are of Hamden, Wallingford, East, West, North Haven, Wallingford,  Milford, Madison, Meriden, Guilford, Cheshire, Ansonia, Derby, Naugatuck, Oxford, Seymour, Southbury, Orange, Bethany, Wolcott, MiddleBury, Beacon Falls Woodmont and other cities of New Haven county.

How to increse you CPA Score

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Private Lessons for CPA exam directly at your home from local New Haven County Tutors

Prepare for your CPA test at your own pace, with the help of a local tutor who we can help you get matched with.  We can help you find reliable CPA Accounting Test preparation Tutor in your area.  We have sophisticated local tutoring network of websites, in Bergen County, Westchester NY , Fairfield,  and New Haven county, that we leverage to recruit local subject matter experts in the state of CT.  The very same subject matter experts who may already be working as full time certified accountants or business professionals, who have the proper skill set to help you prepare for your CPA exam, some of our tutors are even verified CPA experts, where Tutoring Services, LLC literally verifies if particular tutor is CPA or not.  Our instructors can help you prepare for not just CPA exam but also for any other undegraduate accounting degree classes. Feel free to browse our tutors below, or call us to help you get matched with one of the CPA tutors specializing in Accounting to see if we can help you find the right tutor at the right price, if you don't see one below.


Want to increase your learning effectiviness and increase your chances of passing your CPA exam even more?

If you answered yes, then don't hesitate to prepare for your CPA exam with more then just the local tutor who can help you get ready for your exam, but additionally by preparing for it from variety of test preparation study resources that we have conviniently compiled together for Accounting students who are thinking about taking their test and wondering if there is any good methods to prepare for it in addition to tutoring or as an alternative to private tutoring, especially if you are low on budget and simply can't afford a local tutor.  For highest learning effectiviness and better chances of passing your CPA test we recommend leveraging both study guides that we have conviniently listed below on this very same site and local tutors. Be sure to check out CT State requirements before, signing up for your test. 


CPA exam CT state requirements


cpa ct license requirement

If you are thinking about studying for your accounting CPA test, first find out about Connecticut CPA license certification requirements,  See if you even qualify to take the test, that is kind of important.  Discover exam fees, application registration info, and even application registration study guides that can eradicate headache for you and make it easy for you to prepare for such rigorous exam. 

CPA Study Guide Reviews | Money Saving & Making Opportunities for CPA exam test takers who passed their test



If you can't afford a local tutor to help you study for your exam consider, preparing with the CPA study guides, we have pooled together, tutors, study guides, test preparation reviews, money saving opportunities for CPA students in form of discount coupons, price comparision of the best study materials for your accounting test, money making opportunities for students who did pass their Accounting CPA exam and got a great score and would like to make money helping other students prepare for this exam.   After checking out state requirement, be sure to read our reviews of variety types of study methods that exist out that, which are way more affordable then hiring a local private CPA tutor.  Plus we even got coupons for some of the CPA test preparation vendors.

Why do we list both study guides and CPA Accounting tutors?

Reason for that is because we want students to have both methods to study for their exam, whether it's through local tutors, or online or through self guided CPA resources.  Do we make money if we match make you with the right tutor?  Yes we we make comission from agency fee that we charge for every hour, however if you do not like the idea of the agency fee, and simply want to study on your own, then don't hesitate to leverage study guides listed below, or alternatively if you find any of our local tutors expensive, then don't hesitate to visit our sister site called where you can find independent tutors who do not charge any agency fees, the only catch is you would have to pay $15 for the first lesson to our Agency and 0 dollars aftewords. 


Meaning there is no agency comission fee, however such tutors on our sister site are not verified by us specifically for background check, not pre-screened, not hand picked, not interviewed,unless it's specifically stated in tutor's profile and such tutors are not interviewed by us. Plus many of them don't offer tutoring discount packages, while in our case our tutors on this site offer discount packags, plus we can help you get matched with the tutor based on your suggested houlry rate, and if your rate is to low we can at least recommend you CPA self guided study guides or send you to our site to some of the tutors who chose to be verified by us by showing CPA verification icon in their profile.  Something that we offer to CPA Accounting tutors as an additional method for increasing their chances of being found by students.  Typically these type of tutors it's ok to contact, since they are verified.

So what's next step?  Decide if you need a tutor or perhaps study guide is good enough? or Both

Decide if you want help from Tutoring Services, LLC to match make you with the local tutor so you can study with confidence for your CPA exam, or study on your own or study with thelp of independent tutor not managed by Tutoring Services, LLC and avoid agency fee, but don't get the quality match.  Quality match sometimes difference between you passing your exam and failing your CPA exam. Quality match is when you call we listen to your request and follow up back with you to let you know what your educational options are, and if local tutor is the right fit for you, then we would help you get matched with the CPA accounting tutor, someone who can help you prepare for your CPA exam.


Get Help from Tutoring Services, LLC Directly

If you are ok with agency fee from every hour (and it's the smallest fee in comparison to any other agency that you find on the internet) then contact us by phone to help you get matched with your CPA local tutor in CT New Haven County or nearby counties.

Get Help from independent tutor directly or study on your own for CPA exam using self guided resources

If you are not ok with agency comission fee,  if you are considering studying on your own from self guided resources or getting help from independent tutors then go to and ther you can pay $15 for first hourly tutoring lesson to our agency Tutoring Services, LLC and then you can work directly with the local tutor who can come to your home or meet you in public library or your college or university, but such tutors may have no discount packages and may not be held accountable for their actions, (meaning it's more safer to get matched by agency then getting independent tutor and also meaning going through agency can be cheaper in some cases because tutors offer discount packages, then attempting to bypass the agency and going with independent tutor, plus tutors like working with our agency simply because we cover nearby local areas thereby being able to provide our tutors more student leads, more student leads means more money for our tutors, hence competition is often very stiff for becoming a local CT tutor on our site, and not every one get enrolled, only the chosen few who qualif as described in this section.)


Why contacting us and working with the help of the agency to help you find CPA tutor is a good idea?

Reason 1.  We pre-screen our CPA tutors

Reason 2.  We verify their test scores

Reason 3.  We provide phone match making support 

Reason 4.  We can help you find a tutor based on your budget and match make you with the right CPA tutor who can meet you directly at your home or public library or college/university.

Reason 5. Many of our agency managed tutors offer discount packages

Reason 6. We can even recommend you CPA study guide materials and even can share coupons with you for some of the study materials, to help you save some money and increase your chances of passing your CPA exam.


         Note if you call us we can help you hand pick your CPA tutor, we have collection of test preparation sites, specifically tuned to attract candidates who took their CPA test and can help.  Often other local tutoring companies specializing in CPA test prep in New Haven County CT can't do that, simply because they don't have local tutoring network of sites, no social media sites, no study guides to offer, no discount coupons to offer, and most certainly no alternative methods for getting tutored without agency fee comission to offer. 

In our case Tutoring Services, LLC has collection of tutoring job sites, homework help sites, test prep sites, study guides, tutoring sites, social media sites  all conviniently designed by the network consultant DBA Binary Fusion with emphasis to target local CT and NY and NJ CPA accounting tutors and students.  Therefore we can help you find your CPA test preparation based on your budget, and if for whatever reason we can't accomodate your hourly rate then we simply share some links to useful CPA study gudies that can help.

Note if you do decide to study with both study guides and the help of local tutor or by using study guides only

Then do not hesitate to visit this site or navigate for your CPA Accounting study guide by scrolling further down (we fully packaged everything for your CPA test prep studies on that site) making it easier for you to view our reviews, state by state info such as for the state of CT, application process study guides, and tricks and flash cards and exam secrets and more.


Other areas our CPA accounting tutors can provide lessons at

We also service Fairfield County area and Bergen County NJ as well as Westchester County NY.  Next section below is for tutors, hence if you are a student you can skip this next section and browse further down below to view Study Guides and CPA tutors or click here.

For local CT CPA Accountants and Tutors.

Work as independent contractor helping students ace their CPA exam.  We are recruiting local CT students who already took the CPA exam, passed it and can share your lessons learned for other students to see.  You can share your CPA lesson learned in 2 ways, way 1 through video, way 2 through text description in your profile, Tutoring Services, LLC will prefer candidates with both methods.  Why work with Tutoring Services, LLC? 

  • Declare your own hourly rate, what you declare in your profile is how much you will get paid, student will pay additional agency percentage rate on top of your rate, which is a very small fee.
  • Declare your own discount packages, super kewl feature offer disounts to tutors, something that independent tutotrs can't offer on but you can providing that you work through the agency
  • Declare if you offer group tutoring discounts
  • Be advertised like a super CPA ninja across network of local tutoring sties, our tutors are advertised across CT network of sites such as, and on many test prep sites such as etc... etc.. etc..  as well as on our social medial site
  • Show intro CPA Lessons Learned Video in your profile.
  • Show your passing CPA certificate directly in your profile for others students to see
  • Make money tutoring students and get paid every 2 weeks
  • Flexible Scheduling you decide your own schedule with the student

If you are looking to become a tutor to help students prepare for CPA exam visit our tutor jobs section and apply, when applying the following will be needed. 

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Your Resume
  3. Interview with Tutoring Services, LLC
  4. Your CPA Scores and Lessons Learned when preparing for CPA test article.
  5. Verification of CPA exam passed
  6. Background Check Verfication
  7. Signed Contract
  8. Profile Registration on dedicate portal site and on time management site.

Requirement:  Help students prepare for CPA exam, travel to their homes, or meet in public places, upload your timesheet and get paid every 2 weeks.  Apply Today at Tutor Jobs link.


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