Who are we? What we do, and a little bit about us.

This site is powered by Tutoring Services, LLC Company that’s been around since 2008. Our company offers Tutoring Services, in Westchester NY and Fairfield County CT. We are home tutoring agency who specializes in match making tutors with students. We tailor our services towards students of all ages and grade levels including k-12, college and university as well as adults. Our company started out as a match making tutoring agency and ended up becoming one of the well-recognized educational portals. We started out as non-profit educational organization and ended up as the company with multiple business structural components.

We prepare students for

  • Math
  • Science
  • English
  • College Essay Prep
  • Test Prep for K-12
  • SAT, GRE, GMAT, Praxis 2 and more


Match making portal free of charge for educators

We created free tutoring match making portal site like www.TutoringServices.com that helps independent tutors with part time money making, in the convenience of their own local town or nearby cities. Tutors can register free of charge on our match making site create a profile and simply be advertised to other students. By registering in one location tutors end up getting shown on multiple relevant sites in their subject matter of expertise. Our company had original roots from network engineering sector for site named www.NetworkConsultant.net , and therefore elements of what you see on TutoringServices.com is a direct indication of that.


Teachers sign up in one place and show up on other relevant sites!

We created hub and spoke educational network allowing educators to register in their subject matter of expertise and be advertised in their city and on relevant subject site, without having to create multiple profiles across different sites. There is no middle man present on that site, tutors are independent members and can communicate directly with students. Tutors can offer Trial tutoring sessions to student parents or sign up for premium membership as an alternative method of increasing their advertisement exposure. Students are welcomed to visit the site and select tutors of their choice. Thousands of teachers are already registered so what are you waiting for? Check it out www.TutoringServices.com and see for yourself what we have to offer.


Our hub and spoke network of sites tutor gets advertised automatically!

For Local Teachers in Westchester | New Haven and Fairfield Counties in CT

Tutoring Services, LLC did not stop there on a single match making site, we went a step further and introduced additional website tailored towards local tutoring market in the areas of Westchester, Fairfield, New Haven and other CT and NY areas with introduction of www.CallMyTutor.com site. We had a lot of teachers who expressed interest in being able to express them and differentiate themselves more from other teachers.


So we created a site that allows teachers do just that. Our CallMyTutor.com site allows local teachers, who explicitly apply to work for us as independent contractors, which is slightly different then independent tutor. The main difference between our CallMyTutor.com and TutoringServices.com business models is the level of exposure local tutor in Westchester, Fairfield, and New Haven County as well as nearby cities of these counties in CT can receive.


So what do tutors get by working for Tutoring Services, LLC?

Tutors who apply to work for Tutoring Services, LLC as independent contractor would be able to do the following.

Express Your Creativity

  1. Show up on our network of local tutoring sites around their area.
  2. Be able to create intro video of them upload profile pic and differentiate themselves from other teachers.
  3. Create introductory video tutorials, practice tests for their subject level of expertise.
  4. Print out business card to show to their students when going out for assignment.
  5. Declare your own Tutoring Hourly Rate based on subject and grade level.
  6. Upload their teaching certification, diploma and educational experience info for student to see.
  7. Create your own Tutoring Discount packages that you can offer to students!
  8. Get Rated by Students
  9. Automatically be advertised on sites like RateMySchool.NET offering your tutoring services and teaching (substitute teacher, or other) availability directly for nearby schools!


Advertised Automatically on Network of sites!

  1. Our tutors are automatically advertised on network of sites. For example if you are registered in Fairfield CT then your profile would be shown on all of the surrounding nearby cities of NorwalkTutor.com, TutorWeston.com WestportTutoring.com, BridgeportTutor.com and many more.
  2. Our company advertises tutors in printed media, on social media sites such as Facebook.com/MathTutor etc.
  3. When you post your tutorial or practice question you can post this automatically on your facebook wall and attract more visitors.
  4. Our Tutoring Services, also advertised on subject blog sites such as englishtutor.org, onlinemathtutor.org, algebratutors.org


So what’s the catch?

We charge 30% if teacher doesn’t offer discount packages to 25% from hourly rate teacher get from the student. In exchange we offer quality match making service for students and teachers. As teachers work longer for us that percentage gets reduce further.


Alternatively or in addition to what is being offered by us we allow tutors to register for other agencies and do not discourage them from that or making it against contractual obligations, plus we even ask teachers if they register on both TutoringServices.com and apply with us to be advertised on CallMyTutor.com Why not have the best of both worlds!


How do our tutors come up higher in search results?

We have created a mechanism that helps tutor promote him/her self higher in search results. The more tutor rank teacher earns the higher they come up in search results. Teachers can gain tutor rank by uploading practice questions and tutorials.


How can Teachers or Educators Join?

Simply email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your resume, you will be required to fill out our application, go through the interview process, provide background check, references and be registered on our site.

How does our CallMyTutor.com site looks like?

What can students do?

  1. Students can search by zip code or city or state for their subject and search for local home tutors.
  2. Students can sell textbooks in their college directly from our callmytutor.com site, or usedcollegebooks.net site.
  3. Students get to see combination of schools, books sold in that school, study partners looking to split tutoring expenses in that school and get better tutoring price.
  4. Students can sell textbooks in their school to other students.
  5. Students can name their price for what they can afford tutor for and request help from multiple tutors.
  6. Students can post testimonials for tutors and view free practice questions and tutorials in math, science and other academic subjects.


Example of how tutors shown on our site and how easy it is to search for qualified candidate.

Students Can Compare Tutors side by Side to select best match!

We realize students have limited time to look for teachers, and created interface that allows students to compare multiple students side by side as shown in the image below.


Example of side by side comparison of tutors.

Students can view full profile and discount packages as shown below

Entire profile of a tutor can be viewed and student can decide, if the tutor is right for them.

Students can select from variety of Academic subjects

We also help Students alternative method of Tutoring using Study Guides!

We realize education can get expensive, and so can the private tutors, which is why we created StudyGuide.NET that helps students prepare for their academic subjects, college entrance exams plus more. Here is example of the Academic Subjects we offer.

We also offer students Online Tutoring Help!

Our CallMyTutor.com site and TutoringServices.com allows students to search for subject matter tutor who can help over skype or google hangouts!


Students can even sell their books directly from our site or from UsedCollegeBooks.NET! Avoid Middle Man and help the world Stay Green!

We created a portal that allows students save money on their educational book expenses, by allowing students to find academic textbook and select from the cheapest bookstore and save money. Alternatively students can post textbook ads directly on our portal advertising their book to other students in their school! Why spend money on expensive shipping fees or buy from expensive bookstores? When you can buy it used from another student on campus, and help us save the environment and reuse your old textbook. Tutoring Services, LLC helps world stay GREEN.

School Ratings and Teacher Ratings for Administrators

Our company specializes also in offering services for school administrators and department heads where we help them with teacher job placement in departments of math and science. Our customized RSS feed specifically designed for teacher job placement advertisement distribution. If you are a school admin or department head looking for a teacher for a long term or temp, you can contact us and we will post your Ad FREE of charge on our network of local tutoring sites as well as jobs like teacher-jobs.net and many others.


Additionally we help school administrators maintain their school image and advertise their schools directly on RateMySchool.NET site.


See what other students say about your school, view teacher/professor ratings, register as school admin to join school, post teaching jobs in your area or in your school and get notified whenever your school is rated.

Tutoring Services, LLC also helps Educators with Test Prep

We realize that education is expensive, and so is studying for it, which is why we created StudyGuide.NET site to help teachers chose from the best available study guides and prepare for their teaching certification test! We also create study guides for Praxis 2. Our site name is Praxis2.ORG and we do hire new content developers for preparation of study guides in Math | Science | English and other subjects

Visit us on Praxis2.ORG to prepare for your Teaching Certification Exam. Alternatively you can visit us on StudyGuide.NET that offers not only study guides for Praxis 2 exam but for other teaching certification exams as well, and academic subjects of Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra, SAT Prep, plus more!


We also offer the following Study Guides for Students

Services Offered by Tutoring Services, LLC

  • Match Making
  • Content Development
  • Teacher Test Prep
  • Teacher Job Placement
  • School and Teacher Ratings
  • Educational Organizations Advertisement

Educational Advertisement

  • Our Social media sites
  • Facebook.com/MathTutor
  • Facebook.com/RateMySchool
  • Facebook.com/UsedCollegeBooks

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  • www.TutoringServices.com
  • www.CallMyTutor.com
  • www.Tutor-Ads.com

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  • www.TutorStamford.com
  • www.DarienTutoring.com
  • www.NewHavenTutor.com
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  • and more

Our Study Guide Sites

  • StudyGuide.NET
  • Praxis2.org
  • and more

Our Homework Help Sites

  • Math-homeworkhelp.com
  • Homework-help.net
  • Algebrahomeworkhelp.org
  • Onlinemathtutor.org

Our School Rating Site and Books site

  • RateMySchool.NET
  • UsedCollegebooks.NET


General Info About us:

We are Connecticut based company with operating business sector in Tutoring industry, match making, online and home tutoring, advertisement, study guide publishing, teacher test prep services and school services, books selling and buying.

  • Company Name: Tutoring, Services, LLC
  • State: Connecticut
  • Business ID: 0950254
  • Business Type Domestic Limited Liability Company
  • Main Site: TutoringServices.com
  • Local Tutoring Match Making Site: www.CallMyTutor.com
  • School Services Site: RateMySchool.NET
  • Books Site: UsedCollegeBooks.NET
  • Study Guide Site: StudyGuide.NET
  • Teacher Test Prep Site: Praxis2.ORG
  • Agency Phone: (203)340-0391
  • Main Office: 18 Robin St Stamford, CT 06902
  • email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.